Jacuzzi® bathtubs

Each Jacuzzi bathtub is a masterpiece of glamorous design and perfect ergonomics. For the whole body to be submerged, and the body position to be more regular and circulation more effective, Jacuzzi bathtub is deeper than the regular tub. A lot of attention has been given to the rounded inner edges of the bathtub, comfortable seat, evenly positioned handles and soft head support.

The selection of Jacuzzi bathtubs is so wide that if can satisfy all needs. The bathtub dimensions are from 150 centimetres in length, suitable for the smallest bathrooms, to standard dimensions of 170 and 180 centimetres, all the way to the big dimension bathtubs of 200 centimetres in length. Bathtubs of different width are offered, that is bathtubs for two and even three people. All models, regardless of their dimensions, are made so to suit all body builds. There are more types of bathtubs based on their instalment purpose. Jacuzzi offers bathtubs that are installed the classic way next to the wall, corner bathtubs, built-in bathtubs, bathtubs which are installed in the middle of the room and the combination of a bathtub and a shower.

Unlike other manufacturers, the Jacuzzi bathtubs are equipped with the auto-drainage system that prevents water retention in the pipes, minimizing bacteria formation. Each bathtub is installed with a DPR (Dry Run Protection) that prevents the pump from running while it is empty or while there is not enough water in it. Because of its great strength, the water jets are intense and effective and the water circulation energetic and controlled.

All bathtubs have an additional feature of choosing an electronic managed disinfection system which disinfects the bathtub in only 10 minutes. Jacuzzi water jets are a result of a 50-year-old research and innovation and in a synergy with a hydro-massage pump, release an impressive mixture of water and air. Additionally, water jets can be rotated for 30⁰ in any direction in order to achieve a more intense treatment under an ideal angle.

Water jets in the area of the legs and on the sides stimulate and regenerate the whole body and eliminate tiredness and stress, while the back water jets massage the whole back. Water jet rings have and automatic shut down system in order for the tub to be used without the hydromassage during a regular maintenance of one’s hygiene.

Jacuzzi® showers

Jacuzzi offers the widest range of showers cabins, not offered by any of the other manufacturers. Jacuzzi showers are completely adjusted to each customer, that is, everybody can find a product that suits them best. Regardless of the bathtub, classic or multifunctional, there is a multitude of combinations. It is possible to choose various functions and purposes as well as accessories, all in different dimensions and shapes. The Jacuzzi shower provides an experience that attracts, regenerates and captures. That is a complete reward for the body with positive effects on its physical and emotional state. With Jacuzzi everything has been thought of in the smallest detail aimed at providing comfort, luxury, prestige and intimacy.

Jacuzzi shower cabins can be equipped with the quality accessories like audio system with a radio, CD player or even a phone turning on the speaker and microphone which are controlled by the electronic console within the cabin.

For more information see the catalogue, offering a few hundred pages of ideas, information and pictures of the various lines of Jacuzzi products. If that is not enough and you would like to know more, we would be grateful if you contacted us!