Jacuzzi pools offer a feeling of pleasure that exceeds all borders and offer a whole range of unique experiences which you can have anywhere and anytime. Whether it is summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, Jacuzzi pools offer special moments with the loved ones so that space, place, time and feelings could be transformed into new shapes and lifestyles. Bathing in a Jacuzzi pool is a unique experience, completely different from the bathing in a classic pool or bathtub. The water temperature which is warmer than the pool water and its air jets interwoven in a game, have a relaxing effect on the body and mind, taking one back to a time when bathing was a real artistic ritual. Jacuzzi has developed four lines of products so far and has continually been working on new innovations and models. A part of the selection is intended for a home and family use so that a real feeling of pleasure could be felt at any time of the day while the second part is for the professional use in hotels, spas, wellness and fitness centres so that space is given Jacuzzi glamour and exclusivity.

Italian Design

The Italian design line of Jacuzzi pools is ideal for hydro-massage in one’s home.


A product created for the hospitality sector Lodge is the Jacuzzi® spa dedicated to holidays parks, glamping sites, hotels and holiday villages.


They have been developed as a part of the professional equipment for hotels, spas, wellness and fitness centres.


The Premium line of Jacuzzi pools are inspired by the American tradition and are suitable for a prepared surface.