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Service and maintenance

Aqua pool, a team of qualified, certified and trained experts, offers the right and branched services and maintenance of all the Jacuzzi products. Whether it is the regular maintenance, reclamation during the warranty period or after, Aqua pool is committed to guarantee perfect effectiveness of the Jacuzzi products.

Aqua pool has continuously been developing its servicing network of seventy servicemen who are ready to offer their services any time in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, no matter of the location. All the servicemen have been trained and educated by Jacuzzi Company so they have all the required certificates and are directly responsible to Aqua pool, the only authorized representative of the Jacuzzi servicing and technical support.

One of the benefits of the Jacuzzi products is having no worry... Aqua pool is always there for you!

Installation and putting into operation

A team of qualified, trained and certified people of the Jacuzzi factory will enable you to enjoy your Jacuzzi products. Since Aqua pool is the only technical-service centre in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which has been authorized by Jacuzzi Company, it is very important that the installation and putting into operation is done by a person from our expert team in order have all the conditions fulfilled for a 12-month valid warranty.

We also advise, before or right after the purchase, to contact a professional person that will give you free advice and all the information regarding the preparation work. Since the preparation work is different for different products, there are numerous details that need to be considered, such as water supply and drain, required water pressure, access to electric supply, etc.

Spare parts

All the necessary spare parts and other Jacuzzi product components can be ordered exclusively through Aqua pool Company which is committed to delivering spare parts in the shortest time possible after receiving the order, i.e. the service or reclamation request.

Aqua pool will solve all your problems and acquire all the spare parts whether for the latest Jacuzzi products or the older ones which are no longer being made. The company undertakes to use exclusively the original Jacuzzi spare parts.


Following many years of experience we advise you to contact an authorized person prior to purchase in order to avoid possible problems. Each Jacuzzi product requires certain pre-work which is not the same for all products. Jacuzzi selection contains a few hundred different products and each product can be ordered in different performance combinations. The big numbers require caution and could lead to a number of problems.

There is a lot of important information that needs to be considered, such as water supply and drain, required water pressure, access to electric supply etc. all with millimetre deviations.

Furthermore, Jacuzzi products are big in size and disassembling them into smaller parts is often not possible. Drawing on the experience, it is very important to plan beforehand the exact place for installation, i.e. to develop a plan for the preferred place. There have been instances when walls needed to be pulled down, cranes and dredges and even helicopters rented.

Aqua pool Company possesses all the pre-installation schemes and will readily share them with the new Jacuzzi fans. The company’s goal is to predict problems and reduce them to a minimum to make your life easier and carefree.


Aqua pool expert team will share all their knowledge and experience when using or maintaining Jacuzzi products. While installing and putting into operation a Jacuzzi product, each buyer will be informed about the possible ways of using the products and will get practical advice regarding health, disinfection and maintenance.

Jacuzzi products are a combination of traditional blessings of water and the latest technologies while our goal is to fully inform you about the features and possibilities of your choice. We will also answer all your questions and explain details about the types of massages, saunas, aroma and chromotherapy, if your product has such performances, and inform you about the health aspects of their use, the calculated duration time of certain performances and the recurrence of the therapies. All modern technologies, such as remote controls, stereo players, CD and USB drives and phones, which are a component of certain products, will be demonstrated to you in order to enjoy Jacuzzi to the full.

The frequently asked question is the one about the Jacuzzi product maintenance.  Aqua pool also offers a selection of the original Jacuzzi products for maintenance and disinfection, and if that is not enough, we will tell you all our home secrets and tricks that are the result of our rich experience and advise you which cleansers to use and which to avoid.


If all the selling and warranty conditions, set by Jacuzzi Company and enclosed with each Jacuzzi product, are fulfilled, Aqua pool, as the only authorized technical-service centre by Jacuzzi Company in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has the right to approve a 12-month warranty from the moment of installation and putting into operation. It is very important that the installation and putting into operation are done by people from our expert team in order for all the warranty conditions to be fulfilled.

It should be noted that, according to the regulations of general conditions of sale set by Jacuzzi Company (article 12. Paragraph 12.8.), the buyer (seller) is not allowed to keep a product on stock longer than 24 months to avoid the warranty cancellation. Jacuzzi Europe S.p.A. has the right to demand damage compensation from the buyer (seller) for possible expenses and provided services to the end-buyer in the warranty period.