Jacuzzi hydro-massage strengthens muscles, cleanses skin, stimulates circulation, enhances tissue repair, caresses the body and has a positive impact on the mind. The massaging jet successfully neutralizes aesthetic downsides such as, cellulite, reduce the effect of cracked capillaries, sleeplessness and lead you to a sweet dream.

When installing a Jacuzzi product one should just follow a few basic rules: A flat and solid surface of an accessible space must be chosen to enable easy access for oversight and maintenance.

Keep in mind that the system must be connected to electric supply, grounding, water supply or the nearest water supply place. 

During the preparation work and installation it is necessary to keep in mind the specific features of each Jacuzzi model product (electric supply, consumption, connection to the water supply network, outlet, stress on the substrate, access to the installation place, dimensions, access for maintenance. 
Jacuzzi product installation should be delegated to the authorized and trained people who will get the work done in an expert manner

For a Jacuzzi comfort abstract concept is not enough. All Jacuzzi products are of excellent quality, completely safe and perform perfectly.

They are subject to strict international safety standards. Although Jacuzzi holds the ISO 9001/2008 certificate, each product is separately tested.

Jacuzzi products are made of methacrylate, antiallergic material of consistent colour, glossy surface, characteristic reflection and slip resistant bottom.
Methacrylate is warm to the touch, very resistant and possesses highly sound and heat insulation. Its heat insulation keeps the Jacuzzi water at the desired temperature.

Only the adhesive hygienic panels are used and made by the best manufacturers. Owing to a special production technology, developed by the Jacuzzi experts, it is possible to achieve the most innovative shapes thought of by designers.

In that way functionality, aesthetics and comfort are fully achieved. A big pallet of colours is available so that the product fits into your bathroom together with the products of the renowned European sanitation equipment companies.


Depending on the model, from 3 to 7 people fit in the pool. Jacuzzi can be delivered with a plastic of wooden coating or without one, so that the customer could choose the coating material. It can be round, square, rectangular, hexagonal or some other shape.

Jacuzzi managing can be electronically programmed via LCD screen or manually. Together with the classic hydro-massaging feature, some products sustain an additional Blower air massage and there is also a wide offer of colour pallets.

Jacuzzi pool can be installed in the house, on the terrace of a block of flats, under the veranda, on the floor level, in the garden, in the shade of an arbour or any other place. In cold or very warm climatic conditions, it is recommended the pool installation be close to the house while in moderate climates it can be installed elsewhere.

For house instalment it is necessary to secure room ventilation in order to avoid moisture retention. The surface for a Jacuzzi pool must be flat and firm without the obstacles for transfer and assembling, with a floor coating that can sustain weight of, depending on the model, between 350 and 600 kilograms per square metre.

Additionally, when choosing a place for installation, one must have in mind the access to the entire system in order to secure an oversight of each technical part of the pool. For a complete functioning, the Jacuzzi pool must be connected to an electric network, grounding, water supply network or the nearest water source and drain. It should be stressed that the Jacuzzi pools have a shut-off valve that can be directly connected to the outlets pane.

Jacuzzi poll maintenance is very easy and simple. Once the thermo-insulation cover is laid, the pool is ready for use. Compared with the classic bathtubs, it is not necessary to wait for the pool to be filled and emptied after being used.

Water is maintained, filtered and processed with the help of chemical sets for water, ozone generator and UV-lamp treatment. There is no need to change the water for a few months if it is regularly treated and cleansed, but if the product is used for commercial purposes, it should be changed more often. In order to avoid the formation of algae, mildew and bacteria, the water must be treated and cleansed at least once a week, or even more frequently if the method, purpose and frequency of use require. It is important to clean the filters in order to remove filth layers. 

Occasionally it is important to deep-clean the pool basin. Jacuzzi offers a complete line of maintenance and water treatment  products.

Ozone is a specific chemical form of oxygen and a very effective oxidant in destroying bacteria. Its basic purpose is the organic substance elimination and water disinfection. Its biggest advantage is that it is scent free with no damaging effects unlike certain chemical agents that emit intense scents, for example chlorine. The use of ozone generator reduces the need for chemical additives and is nature friendly way of reducing the maintenance costs. 

The process is based on letting the ozone through water (air in which the oxygen, due to electric discharge, is implemented into a triatomic form O3).

Ozone is produced in such a way that the clean and dry air jet is passed between two electrodes with the potential difference from 10 000 to 20 000 V. Ozone is inconstant and transforms fast into oxygen O2, while the oxygen atom which is released, reacts as a strong oxidant in the protoplasm of the organisms that are found in the water thus destroying them.

Ozone’s advantage as a disinfectant is that the disinfected water does not have an unpleasant smell or poisonous features, while the water colour and taste are eliminated. Ozone reacts 10 – 20 times faster and 300 – 600 times stronger than the same chlorine concentration.

Jacuzzi offers the most beautiful and the most pleasant scents, real remedies for body and soul, for a complete regeneration and relaxation. Jacuzzi essential oils are ideal for all skin types and surfaces and keep the water clean and clear.

Thanks to Blower, a device that silently and effectively releases the air while forming sparkling bubbles and creating a gentle and refreshing massage, you can enjoy aromatherapy while being caressed by scented air bubbles.

Electric heater enables water heating to a desired temperature and keeping the desired temperature. The recommended water temperature of the Jacuzzi pool is 37⁰C. The function of the electric heater has two options.

The first one is the standard option in which the heater automatically turns itself on when the water temperature falls for 0.5 to 1⁰C. The second, economic option for energy savings, turns the heater on only if the water temperature falls at least for 10⁰C to 15⁰C.

The insulation cover is of elegant design and made of quality material. Depending on the model and the type of a pool, it comes in different colours. It is very light and easily handled with a purpose of the inner protection of the Jacuzzi pools.

It is very important to use the insulation cover, especially if the pool is not used for a longer time.

It keeps the water clean and clear since it  prevents intrusion of insects and leaves. Perfect thermo-insulating feature almost completely reduce the loss water heat which results in energy saving.

When there is no light and photosynthesis, there are no algae in the pool. The security key is used for pool locking in order to prevent small children and other people from entering.


Unlike other manufacturers, the Jacuzzi bathtubs are equipped with the auto-drainage system that prevents water retention in the pipes, minimizing bacteria formation.
Each bathtub is installed with a DPR (Dry Run Protection) that prevents the pump from running while it is empty or while there is not enough water in it. Because of its great strength, the water jets are intense and effective and the water circulation energetic and controlled.

All bathtubs have an additional feature of choosing an electronic managed disinfection system which disinfects the bathtub in only 10 minutes. Jacuzzi water jets are a result of a 50-year-old research and innovation and in a synergy with a hydro-massage pump, release an impressive mixture of water and air.

Additionally, water jets can be rotated for 30⁰ in any direction in order to achieve a more intense treatment under an ideal angle.

Water jets in the area of the legs and on the sides stimulate and regenerate the whole body and eliminate tiredness and stress, while the back water jets massage the whole back. Water jet rings have and automatic shut down system in order for the tub to be used without the hydromassage during a regular maintenance of one’s hygiene.

Each Jacuzzi bathtub is a masterpiece of glamorous design and perfect ergonomics. For the whole body to be submerged, and the body position to be more regular and circulation more effective, Jacuzzi bathtub is deeper than the regular tub.

A lot of attention has been given to the rounded inner edges of the bathtub, comfortable seat, evenly positioned handles and soft head support.

The selection of Jacuzzi bathtubs is so wide that if can satisfy all needs. The bathtub dimensions are from 150 centimetres in length, suitable for the smallest bathrooms, to standard dimensions of 170 and 180 centimetres, all the way to the big dimension bathtubs of 200 centimetres in length.

Bathtubs of different width are offered, that is bathtubs for two and even three people. All models, regardless of their dimensions, are made so to suit all body builds. There are more types of bathtubs based on their instalment purpose.

Jacuzzi offers bathtubs that are installed the classic way next to the wall, corner bathtubs, built-in bathtubs, bathtubs which are installed in the middle of the room and the combination of a bathtub and a shower.


Jacuzzi offers the widest range of showers cabins, not offered by any of the other manufacturers. Jacuzzi showers are completely adjusted to each customer, that is, everybody can find a product that suits them best.

Regardless of the bathtub, classic or multifunctional, there is a multitude of combinations. It is possible to choose various functions and purposes as well as accessories, all in different dimensions and shapes.

The Jacuzzi shower provides an experience that attracts, regenerates and captures. That is a complete reward for the body with positive effects on its physical and emotional state. With Jacuzzi everything has been thought of in the smallest detail aimed at providing comfort, luxury, prestige and intimacy.

Spacious and comfortable Jacuzzi shower cabin offers all the benefits of a vertical hydro-massage in a combination with the water and air jets whose performance can be programmed.

Water jets from 8, 12 or 16 jet rings which can have their jet angle and intensity adjusted, perfectly aim at those body parts like back, side and lower limb muscles. Vertical hydro-massage provides a priceless experience  of comfort, strengthens the muscles and gives a deserved psycho-physical rest.

The basis of a Turkish bath is water vapour which pleasantly relaxes and purifies the body. Water vapour is created in the lower part of the ergonomic seat at a levelled temperature and humidity, as it climbs and circles the body.

Submerging into a warm cloud of water vapour, the body is more easily freed of toxins, its immunity becomes stronger, the skin is cleansed and blood circulation is stimulated.

Aroma atomizer enables to water to be mixed with essential oils, transforming a Turkish bath into a true treatment of comfort and beauty.

On the other hand, the Scottish shower, based on the principles of hydro-therapy of the 19th century, alternating warm and cold water jets, restores the body tone, strength and physical and mental energy.

The main advantage of the Jacuzzi shower cabin
is excellent lighting given by the cabin cover made of PVC material or transparent ground glass. The glass parts of the cabin are made of tempered glass with a perfect closing system.

All the glass is subject to safety regulations, water-resistant and anti lime-scale treatment. This process, called Crystal Clear by Jacuzzi, is an additional guarantee that the glass shine and transparency will be lasting with the greatest possible safety. 

Jacuzzi shower cabins can be equipped with the quality accessories like audio system with a radio, CD player or even a phone turning on the speaker and microphone which are controlled by the electronic console within the cabin.

Jacuzzi transforms classic showering into a special experience with the help of the light and colour jet. This superb and exclusive innovation is the outcome of careful chronotherapy research as well as the effects of different colours on the nerve system and psyho-physical balance.

Water Light System offers a choice of six colours that come out of the shower head and offer a full chromotherapy experience and appreciation of beautiful water colours. Of course, in addition to one desired colour, it is possible to choose an automatic colour change cycle with specific change sequence.